The Government Should Regulate Artificial Intelligence

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Xin Zhai
Prof. Sanchez
WRT 150-08
28 October 2016
The Government Should Regulate Artificial Intelligence
People have already realized that Artificial Intelligence (AI) gradually occupies our life in different aspect and presents in different forms. AI will help big companies to cope with their data analysis and provide them with the best-calculated strategy. AI robots have already been employed in some countries like Japan to help with old people or patients who suffer from mental illness. Besides, in governmental and some important social areas like weather forecasting and military training also benefit a lot from AI. Moreover, AI has already defeat human in chess playing by its institutionalized system, which means that AI has already acquired the ability of self-learning to some degree. It is an incredible step that a robot can develop this kind of capability of self-learning. We cannot help ourselves to recall the sentence said by Stephen Hawking, a famed theoretical physicist in 2014. He warned, “The development of full artificial intelligence could spell the end of the human race.” As he, one of the greatest scientist predicted, he has already realized the potential danger of AI. We should really concern about something and take actions now to prevent the worst potential consequence that might destroy our human race.
Therefore, what is AI, and why would we focus on the potential menace of this fast developing technology? As the article “Time to Regulate AI in the
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