The Government Should Restrict Gun Ownership: An Opinion Essay

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Should the government restrict gun ownership? Guns are very dangerous weapons. They can cause destruction or even death. They can defend, protect, intimidate and kill. If the government has to restrict gun ownership, it has to ask weather guns necessarily lead to crimes. The government should restrict gun ownership because over the past years people who own guns, especially in the neighborhoods, colleges and high schools break rules and commit crimes. Homicide crimes and other crimes have increased due to many people in possession of guns hence the government should enact laws pertaining gun ownership. On the other hand, the government should not restrict gun ownership because ownership comes with the benefit of security purposes. At homes, people feel secure when they own guns in case of a burglary. Is having a gun really a big issue? Over past years, people have lost lives and committed crimes in U.S due to shooting. The government should therefore, restrict gun ownership especially to students and persons underage. For example, the shooting in the Connecticut,"the student methodically executed twenty unsuspected school-children and seven adults" (Collier 81).Circulation of guns brings fear to people even as they walk around. They make one presume that people around them in the streets are armed. This could make them use the firearms hence a reason enough for them to carry guns and probably use them too. This leads to miscalculated actions that might force one to make

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