The Government Was Broken Following The Watergate Scandal

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Trust in the government was broken following the Watergate Scandal, the American people doubted the people running the country. Someone had to step forward and take the leadership position where he would face a people who lacked trust in the government. Whoever took up this position was going to face unusual circumstances and difficult obstacles from the first day of his presidency, and that man was Gerald Ford. Ford was the only president to not be elected into office. After serving in Congress for 25 years, he was looked up to for his flexibility, and had a reputation for being open and honest. When Nixon’s vice president resigned, Ford became Vice President since he was someone that both democrats and republicans would accept. Having said that, Ford had been successful as a house minority leader, but as a president he proved to be only average (Gerald). Ford rates as average due to his decision in the Nixon pardon, his actions during a poor economy, how he handled domestic issues, and his foreign policies. He may have had good ideas, but he had trouble implementing them. About a month following his inauguration into office, Ford pardoned his predecessor, Richard Nixon, following the Watergate scandal. This sparked anger among Americans who were doubting not only the government, but the constitution. People believed that when Ford pardoned Nixon, it was proof that our system was broken. Rumors spread discussing the possibility that a deal was made between the two
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