The Government is Wiretapping You

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Privacy (Pri-va-cy) n.1.the state or condition of being free from being observed or disturbed by other people. Americans fear that technological progress will destroy the concept of privy. The first known use of wiretap was in 1948. It’s no secret that the government watches individuals on a daily bases. According to the constitution, the Fourth Amendment serves to protect the people from unreasonable searches and seizures by the government. Unreasonable is the word that tips the balance On one side is the intrusion on individuals’ Fourth Amendment rights and the other side is legitimate government interests, such as public safety. What we consider reasonable by law, the government might not think so. The word ‘privacy’ seems to be…show more content…
Yes people do dumb things and post them but them doing dumb things is one thing but the government being dumb is another level. Truly everyone wants to be safe from terrorist attacks but it makes people feel a lot more threatened by the government peeking into their privacy. This kind of wiretapping is unnecessary and unreasonable. The invasion of privacy act in California Penal Code section 632.7,” prohibits the recording of a telephone call with someone using a mobile phone without first notifying the person that the call will be recorded”. In a case court concluded that “unlike the statutory requirements that apply to the recording of landline telephone calls, mobile phone conversations cannot be recorded without prior notification, regardless of whether the consumer has a "reasonable expectation" that the call will be private and not recorded or whether confidential information is discussed during the call” (Mallow& Reilly 2014). In the article that mentions the case, a third party hired by a cellphone company had recorded a customer when they questioned them. What they did wrong was to record the person without at least notifying them and planning to probably use the recording to harm them. Penal codes are established for a reason. They are not meant to be broken and overlooked. Their intentions are to protect the individuals from abuse from companies and vice versa. If companies have to notify individuals for
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