The Government 's Background Investigation Essay

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The US government’s background investigation process for individuals seeking employment with US Federal, State, and Local government agencies and private sector organizations is an important part of US homeland security. Through a thorough investigation of an individual’s biographical, residential, employment, education, military, medical, financial and legal histories, etc., information regarding an applicant’s background is obtained and a report of investigation (ROI) is prepared and submitted to an adjudicator for review. After review of the ROI, the adjudicator makes a determination of an individual’s suitability to obtain a security clearance for a position impacting the US national security. If the results of a background investigation are favorably adjudicated, the individual is eligible to receive a security clearance; if certain derogatory information is obtained during the background investigation, an individual can be denied a security clearance.

Although much personal and private information is obtained and reviewed during most background investigations, there is one glaring omission of information that can prove to be valuable in determining the suitability for an individual to obtain a security clearance. The information listed on an individual’s social media accounts (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, Internet Chat rooms) can provide invaluable insight into a subject’s character, integrity, loyalty, allegiance and other characteristics
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