The Government 's Debate On Gun Violence

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The Government’s hotly debated views on gun violence in the United States. There is the division within our top braches of the Government. We have the Executive branch headed by our Democratic President Barack Obama. President’s gun control policy is calling for more controls such as mental health screenings and a ban on certain types of weapons. The Republican lead Legislation branch thinks it is paramount that individuals should be able to protect themselves and their families. The Republicans think that we should have fewer gun control regulations and that it should be up to each State to create legislation. Some feel interest groups like the National Rifle Association (NRA) have too much power and believe that whatever changes will be more than what the Government tries to convince us what they appear. Both Political parties agree that something must be done in order to stop the gun violence is at an all-time high in the United States. Since January, there have been at least 354 mass shootings cases in about 220 cities in 47 states, this involves shootings that leave four or more dead or wounded (LaFraniere, 2015). While the mass shootings that we hear about are horrendous, our Government is responsibility to protect us without completely fringing on our rights because the second amendment gives us the right to bear arms and to protect ourselves and those that we love. The U.S. constitution was modeled after some of the earlier colonies in the 1600s. The Constitution was

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