The Governmental Branches Of The United States Essay

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Three governmental branches were created by the new constitution: an executive branch, a judicial branch and a legislative branch. The constitution called for the election of a governor and 24 senators and identified eligible voters as men who were possessed of freeholds of the value of one hundred pounds, over and above all debts charged thereon. The constitution also called for the election of 70 assemblymen for 14 declared counties who were to be elected by male inhabitant of full age, who shall have personally resided within one of the counties of New York State for six months immediately preceding the day of election. New York also guaranteed the right to trial by jury, which had been eroded under British rule. The Constitution granted the national government more power than under the Articles of Confederation. Many Americans were concerned that the national government with its new powers, as well as the new division of power between the central and state governments, would threaten liberty. Legislative Branch New York State Legislature refers to the two houses that act as the state legislature of the U.S. state of New York. The New York Constitution does not designate an official term for the two houses together. It says only that "legislative power is vested in the senate and assembly." The Legislature, through its varied functions, serves as a check upon the executive authority of the Governor and helps ensure that the best interests of the State 's citizens are
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