The Grade I Would Assign Myself

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The grade that I would personally assign myself for this class would be a ninety-three percent because of the effort that I put into the journals and essays. The effort I put into the journals is the first reason that I deserve a ninety-three percent. I put thought into the journals and came up with well-thought out responses. The journals that were mostly reflective I put honest and elaborate examples. Finally, I did research for some of the journals. The journal that I definitely did research for and put just as much hard work into as the other journals was the journal where we had to describe causal chains. The final reason I deserve a ninety-three percent is the effort that I put into my essays. I put thought into the essays by choosing a topic of my interest. After I chose the topic, I began drafting a first draft. I would completely rewrite the second and third drafts until I felt that they were the way that I wanted them. If I did not believe that the third draft was polished and ready to turn in, I would write a fourth or fifth draft. In addition to the grade I should receive, I also had parts of the class I really enjoyed. My highlights from the class would be the workshops and writing the exploratory essay. In the workshops, we had to give feedback to others about their essays. I enjoyed reading other classmates essays and talking about their points of view on certain topics. I also enjoyed helping them with their papers by giving them advice on how to better
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