The Graduate

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Doug Noll Instructor Derrick Art 105, Film as Art October 5, 2009 Critique 1 The Graduate "The Graduate" is a great film, with Dustin Hoffman, playing Benjamin (Ben) Braddock, the epitome of the confused and isolated young adult male. Ben is confused about where his life is heading, he fumbles for an answer whenever one of his parents' friends asks him "what are you going to do next?" He stares mournfully into his fish tank, perhaps likening himself to the fish dwelling within it. He is trapped in this glass cube. This movie is for anyone who’s ever wondered what he or she are going to do with their future. Not a classic love story, “The Graduate” is a coming of age film. You can see that by the different types of love portrayed…show more content…
We know its lust and not love because they cannot even talk to each other and Ben continues to call her Mrs. Robinson, even when they are in bed. The affair will last for for most of the summer till one day Elaine , Mrs. Robinsons daughter comes up during an attempt at conversation. Mrs Robinson is furious and makes Ben promise to never date her daughter he agrees but you get a sence that the film is changing direction. Enter Elaine and Ben’s next stepin his journey, Love and an attempt at romance. Romance and romantic love finally show up at the end of act two when Ben is forced to take elaine out on a date, knowing this will cause a problem with Mrs. Robinson he feels compeled by his parents to do it. He starts out to ruin the date by being distant rude and even taking her to a strip club. Upset Elaine runs out of the club crying, Ben catches her and his emoitions take over, they kiss and Ben is in love. Act three starts with Ben telling Elain he likes her and asks her out again. The film gets a bit crazy from here on and moves fast as Ben tries to take charge feeling more confident and secure. When he goes to pick up Elaine Mrs. Robinson is waiting and confronts him, trying to take control Ben decideds he will
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