The Graffiti And Its Effects On Society

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Graffiti is drawings or writing that have been written hurriedly, rubbed or illegally painted on a wall or other surface in a public place. It ranges from simple written words to detailed wall paintings. (Wikipedia, n.d.). Graffiti shows that it is a form of art communication especially visual, usually illegal, and display unauthorized marking of public place as an individual or group. Even though the typical image of graffiti which illustrates symbol or phrase on a wall has caused by a member of a street gang, some graffiti does not have connection with a street gang. In order to get attention or as a form of looking for a thrill such as antisocial behaviour, graffiti has played a role, but it also could be comprehended as a function of…show more content…
(, 1997) Sometimes, some have argued that the graffiti is a form of art, namely it has positive forces on our society, while others have believed that graffiti does not help our communities, just has negative impacts. On the one hand, the stretch of graffiti took place in the 1980s, with the outbreak of the hip-hop subculture in the world. Fuelled by films and music videos, the street culture images of New York were expressed around the world. Contemporary graffiti can be seen to be mixed with hip-hop culture. By the way, the graffiti had appeared hip hop by at least a decade. Graffiti was here before hip-hop, and if it did not appear for graffiti, there would be no hip-hop. Hip-hop and graffiti has been reached in Europe together. (UK Essays, 2013). European writers had spent studying letters, styles and New York Street culture for a long time. They were copying on the initial style and then extended upon them. Graffiti magazine described the early movement across Europe. And then print media have proven worldwide as additional catalyst for the expansion of graffiti art. (ibid). Additionally, today graffiti has been influenced on a variety of work of creative individuals in the field of multimedia technology worldwide such as graphic design, photography, advertising, illustration and fine art. Writer says the reason why people are attracted to graffiti is that it has psychology and self-affirmation and there is
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