The Grammar Of A Language

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According to Systemic Functional Linguistics, as mentioned in the introduction of the paper, grammar is also defined as lexico grammar because it is interrelated to the vocabulary. The aim of SFL is to show that people use language to exchange meaning and interact with each other. Moreover, «Grammar within lexico grammar has a specific power because it lies underneath the threshold of consciousness” (Butt et al., 2004: 270). When the reader looks at the headings of each activity, apparently he can depict that there must have been certain choices which influence the meaning and the communicative purposes of the tasks through the increase of the lexico grammar within the tasks. The headings such as “Discovering patterns of language use, Grammar in action, Follow up” have simple, playful words which promotes motivation and willingness to go through them in contrary to the traditional patterns of textbooks. There are various ways to describe the grammar of a language. It has been observed that over the last decades , teachers all over the world use either the traditional way of teaching grammar or the innovative based on the CLT approach in the classroom. Typically, grammar is seen as a set of discrete rules to produce grammatically correct sentences. This is called by linguistics formal grammar in contrary to the functional one, in which the primary concern is with the communication. As far as my teaching practice is concerned, I used to teach intermediate level
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