The Grand Budapest Hotel By Wes Anderson

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After I watched the Wes Anderson’s The Grand Budapest Hotel, I was surely struck with splendid mise en scene of this movie. In this year’s Oscar ceremony, Wes Anderson’s movie, The Grand Budapest Hotel just got three awards: the best art, the best costume and the best make up. Honestly, this fact lured me into watching the movie, The Grand Budapest. Since I expected a beautiful art work through this movie, I could easily fall into this pastel-colored movie as soon as I started watching the movie, The Grand Budapest, and I could realize that this movie must be one of the best movies in my life according to several reasons.
In fact, the plot of this movie was kind of simple story to me. Even though the plot was uncomplicated, the story of this movie was actually enough to attract audience’s mind in not long running time. The movie, The Grand Budapest Hotel starts with the young writer’s novel, The Grand Budapest Hotel. A young writer meets the owner of the grand Budapest hotel, whose name is Moustafa or Zero, in grand Budapest hotel by accident. After they meet, the owner invites a young writer for dinner in order to tell how the owner could get the big hotel. Once the owner starts speaking about his anecdote relating to the grand Budapest hotel, the movie leads us to the flashback scenes so that the real story of the movie can start. In 1927, one day when world war was still beginning, one of the customers of grand Budapest hotel, who is the richest woman in the world, and is
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