The Grand Budapest Hotel Essay

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Detail Assignment, “The Grand Budapest Hotel”

Wes Anderson’s “The Grand Budapest Hotel” is full of interesting details put in the film which you can see them obviously or not even notice them if you don’t look closely. Also, beards and mustaches of the characters are presented distinctively a rest of the film, but few people pay attention to them—It’s just a beard: does it have any importance? If you look closely, you will notice that almost all the male characters have some sort of fur spouting from their lips or jaw lines which are elegantly designed for each character.

Characters in the film have various facial hair which used to present their characteristic. First, Gustave H., a concierge of the Grand Budapest Hotel, has a neat and tight triangle hair over his upper lip which called a pyramidal mustache. Gustave is a gentleman who always has good manners, so neat and precisely clipped mustache reflects his characteristic very well. Similarly, Inspector Henckles has
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As mentioned in the previous paragraphs, he draws the pencil-thin mustache for himself. Likewise, he is the only one character who doesn’t have facial hair, but he tries to have it as if he wants to fit in the society where he lives in—as he says that he is an immigrant. He uses a mustache as a tool to connect him with the society. Even so, he finally has a real mustache in the wedding scene. In this scene, the detail of the mustache has changed; his mustache has hair detail and becomes real. When Zero is aging, he comes to be Mr. Moustafa, the owner of the Grand Budapest Hotel. His facial hair is changed— definitely big changing. He has a full beard which mixes between black, white and gray. His beard reflects the power that he has more from he was young, and he fully becomes a part of this society and the hotel. Different from the past, he has nothing, and does not even have a real mustache that alluded to his name—Zero means
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