The Grand Canyon By Henry Morris

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There is a famous saying that goes something like: if you take God out of the picture, there will be no answer. However, many people take God or gods out of the many aspects of their lives. Now, if God is mentioned in a debate or topic, it creates controversies and is specifically targeted by critics. Topics or questions such as evolution or the origins of the universe have long been debated, studied, and researched. Starting in the 19th century, evolution has been a long debated popular topic among many people. A major 20th Century alternative belief to evolution is scientific creationism. This became prevalent through the leading institute for promoting, forming, and researching the doctrine of scientific creationism: the Institute of…show more content…
It is the belief that the world is around ten thousand years old. The idea or belief is far from the findings of science which calculate the age of the earth to be around five billion years old. The data considered solid by scientists such as the astronomical measurements on stars, dating of rocks, and the reconstructions of the history of life on the planet are based on the calculation that the earth is five billion years old. Almost all of the things that science has researched and discovered are based on the calculation that the earth is around five billion years old, but scientific creationism argues against all of the proof and claims that the earth is young. The age of the earth, in the eyes of scientific creationism, is calculated first by creating a genealogical table. Starting with Adam, the man considered to be the first human, the genealogy should be studied until the birth of Christ. This will give you the approximate age of the earth. However, there is another controversial topic: the length of the day. Scientific creationism believes that the length of the day in Genesis chapter one is a literal 24 hour day, however there are other theories that the day might be longer and may not even be confined within the human realm.” The belief that the world is roughly ten thousand years old became widespread mostly because of the scientific creationists convincing people
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