The Grand Canyon By Henry Morris

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There is a famous saying that goes something like: if you take God out of the picture, there will be no answer. However, many people take God or gods out of the many aspects of their lives. Now, if God is mentioned in a debate or topic, it creates controversies and is specifically targeted by critics. Topics or questions such as evolution or the origins of the universe have long been debated, studied, and researched. Starting in the 19th century, evolution has been a long debated popular topic among many people. A major 20th Century alternative belief to evolution is scientific creationism. This became prevalent through the leading institute for promoting, forming, and researching the doctrine of scientific creationism: the Institute of Creation Research led by Henry Morris. One of the major research projects that the institute started was the Grand Canyon Dating Project arguing that the Grand Canyon was formed by a catastrophic event: the Flood. Scientific creationism was popularized by different individuals in the Institute of Creation Research, however, their efforts to prove the young age of the earth and that there was a catastrophic flood have been targeted for multiple critics.
Scientific creationism is a technical term described as such in the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, “a doctrine holding that the biblical account of creation is supported by scientific evidence.” The term describes the belief that many anti-evolutionary scientists hold. It could even be said that…
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