The Grand Canyon By John Wesley Powell

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Introduction On May 24, 1869, Major John Wesley Powell set off to explore the Grand Canyon and discovered its beauty to educate the world about this vast landscape. Before his discovery, it had been known as Big Canyon, neither are appropriate titles. Grand is an understatement to describe this canyon. Majestic would be a better description as it is defined as lofty dignity as well as sublime beauty, which greatness can’t be measured or imitated. The extraordinary splendor of its landscape can’t be compared and its history is just as impressive. It is considered one of the seven wonders of the world with reason. The Grand Canyon was named such in 1871 and in 1919 the Grand Canyon became a National Park. Before becoming a National Park Grand Canyon was given Federal protection in 1893 as a Forest Reserve. A few years later, Grand Canyon became a National Monument. The mission was to preserve the park and its features. It was to leave the canyon pristine for the future while providing a way visitors could enjoy the park. The Grand Canyon is located in Northern Arizona and is part of the Colorado Plateau that was uplifted during tectonic activity. It is said to be more than 1.7 billion years old and filled with many mysteries still about its formation. This immense canyon was cut by the Colorado River that exposed its horizontal layers of rock history. These layers have mostly a red hue but each group of strata has a distinctive color often giving us a sign of its origin.
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