The Grand Regency Hotel Management Essay

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The Grand Regency Hotel Introduction The Grand Regency Hotel is found in Bangkok Thailand and has been in operation for the last fifteen years. For the entire period it has been under the management of the Thai general manager and was started by locally based consortium of investors. It is a prestigious hotel in Bangkok and has a total of 700 employees who were being treated in a prestigious way by the management. The management gave the employees the following benefits: provision of very good welfare; the salary rate was above that of the market; high job security and also end of the year bonus which was comparable to salary earned in a four week period (Manson 2009, p. 28). Upon the hotel being sold to the American Hotel Chain, the…show more content…
With such kind of operation the employees will go an extra mile and serve customers to their best since their motivation will be increased. This will then translate to better performance at the work place since they will be more satisfied with their job. With this in mind upon being appointed as the manager he quickly adapted the aspect of empowerment into his operations. This marked a change in the operations of the hotel since the employees who had been retained were used to a system where they worked under the instructions of the management. Previously they had a duty of ensuring that the manager’s instructions are adequately adhered to hence they took it as a responsibility. By implementing the empowerment strategy, most of the decisions were made by the employees without consulting their superiors. Any decision making organ must have the necessary skills and knowledge pertaining the section they are dealing with (Barker 2008, p. 34). Having been given the right of making some decisions regarding the running of the hotel and because most of them are lacking the skills and knowledge that are key issues many employees made the wrong decisions. The employees were used to a situation whereby they were being guided by the management in all their activities hence being allowed to make decisions was a new role. Due to this they require training on matters

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