The Grand Valley Brewing Company

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Every business has a product that it sells with a specific design. A product analysis helps the business to understand the product’s components, how it is processed, and its economic impact upon the business before it is produced. Before the Grand Valley Brewing Company can open its doors to business, it must first evaluate its product.
The Grand Valley Brewing Company (GVBC) is located in Grand Junction, Colorado, which is centrally located on the Western Slope. The median age is 37 with an average household income of $58,320 derived from the energy, agriculture, and tourism industries. Grand Junction has the best of both worlds – it is large enough to have the amenities of a city, yet small enough to be charming and community
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Another important factor to marketing a beer is how it is bottled.
There are many schools of thought when it comes to putting beer into a glass bottle or aluminum can. Economics plays an immense role when the decision has to be made whether to can or bottle beer. There appears to be a stigma associated with canned beer because consumers tend to think canned beer has a metallic aftertaste. Today’s advances in technology, however, have put that stigma to rest by lining the aluminum can with a water-based polymer. Furthermore, beer has many enemies, which impacts the bottling decision. Two of the greatest foes are oxygen and sunlight. Bottles tend to be expensive and are generally clear. When they are not filled to the top, oxygenation will occur and ruin a good beer. Sunlight will alter the compounds of hops while oxygen will quickly make a beer stale. Bottled beer also requires more labeling and extra packaging, which need to be disposed thus making them a not very environmentally friendly product and also makes it more expensive to produce.
GVBC is of the opinion a good craft beer should be canned. The benefits of using cans as opposed to bottles when bottling beer are numerous:
• Canned beer has very little headspace and makes it harder for beer to become stale
• Sunlight cannot get through aluminum
• Cans are lightweight thus reducing shipping costs
• Cans do not break making it easier to take beer on outings
Bottling decisions are a
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