The Grandmother And Connie's Lack Of Communication

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Communication is a crucial part of life. The lack of communication makes a big change in our life. In this case, these two characters, the grandmother and Connie lack communication with their family unit. The grandmother is not respected by her grandchildren and her son; she lacks self-respect herself. The lack of respect in this case, affects her communication with her family. There is not much that they talk about. Since no one asked the grandmother where she wanted to go or her input on the trip, she goes far as to making up a treasure in the wrong state, so that she can go on an adventure. Connie gets criticized by her mother so much she feels like she can’t talk to her. Her mother tells her so many things of how self-absorbed and conceited she is. Connie does not feel like she can be open and talk to her mother about things. Things like boys or anything…show more content…
The lack of communication in this short story created a rocky relationship between mother and daughter; which was an influential factor of where she ended up. In many cases of crimes, victims are investigated, and researchers have found that most of the victims at some point lacked communication. Predators go after their victims who take steps into being vulnerable. The rocky relationships these two characters had was only the beginning.

Poor communication leads on to being socially isolated, which then ties back to lacking communication as a family. Living in a household and not having any respect or anyone to be open with creates a strong feeling of being alone. Everyone going their own way and not knowing what is going on in each other’s life is a tough situation to go through especially if you are older or even a teenager. The grandmother has no one she can talk to; she feels socially isolated. For example, when they choose to go to Florida the grandmother is concerned, but no one
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