`` The Grapes Of Wrath `` By Adam Smith

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Oftentimes in society conflict arises between people over what is best for our economy and overall society. In modern day America, citizens and politicians alike debate with far-right ideas like Donald Trump along with far-left views like Bernie Sanders. Those in favor of the far-right are often in agreement with theories of the economist, Adam Smith, an inspiration to today’s capitalism. On the other end of the spectrum, the far-left have similar perspectives as those of the philosopher, Karl Marx who believe in socialism. To better understand why people, such as Marx are against our current economic system one must acknowledge that capitalism is an ideology that gives rise to inequality in the world, and human inequality is a result of…show more content…
Make ‘em take up your time.” (Steinbeck 62). This is a mechanism that is also mentioned later, when Tom and Jim visit a scrapyard looking for a spare part, and an employee explains that, “the boss be finding out how bad you’re hung up, and how much jack ya got” (Steinbeck 181), in order to maximize the profit of every deal made. Overall what is portrayed through these scenarios is a form of exploitation that primarily targets the human psyche and its inability to avoid becoming entirely powerless in the act of buying. Drawing on Marxism, Tyson’s Critical theory today: A user-friendly guide helps in understanding that this relationship is not based on the usefulness of the commodity, but rather on the exchange value of the product ( Tyson 56). In other words, how much is something worth, and how much is someone willing to pay for it? A similar position is taken in other portions of the novel, although the victims of such exploitation are specifically the poor and the needy. For example, in chapter twelve, this is illustrated when a migrant truck has a flat tire, and the narrator explains the mindset of a salesman, “They look a fella over. They know what he got to go on. They know he can’t wait. And the price for the tire goes up” (Steinbeck 120). What emerges from this example is an exhibition of how businessmen analyze migrant families in order to uncover the extent of their desperation, to then drive up the prices of their not even subpar

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