The Grapes Of Wrath By Jim Casey Essay

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Jesus always took the blame for his people, resulting in a painful death. In The Grapes of Wrath, Jim Casey (J.C.) is a replica of Jesus. When the Joad family first experienced the wrath of the Great Depression, they were losing faith. As their faith is running out, so is there basic knowledge of doing good. Common good is something everyone has to strive to achieve. Jim Casy strives for greatness whenever he is doing something for the common good of the people he is with. He does the right thing all the time, even when he does not feel like doing it. He encourages to do good for the better of others. The principles during The Great Depression are different than today’s principles. Back then, leaving behind all your belongings and looking forward to new beginning were just the small principles in life. Some of the bigger principles are doing what is right at all times no matter how hard it is to do. During the story, Jim Casey always puts others first, even when this means taking one for the team and getting himself in trouble, because that is what people do for the Good of the Community, and he believes he is the perfect man to help everyone he encounters. Jim Casey, a former preacher changed the lives of the Joad family. The common good of the community is always running through the brains of the Joad family and giving them a hard time to get around the hardships.The dust storms are creating controversy towards certain individuals in the story. As a result, several
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