The Grapes Of Wrath By John Steinback

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The Grapes Of Wrath by John Steinback is a book with the main theme being the oversoul. The oversoul is the idea of an ultimate divine spirit that encompasses all human souls. In order to reach this theme, Steinback uses a variety of metaphors that all lead up to the theme of the oversoul. One of Steinback 's metaphor is the sand turtle. He uses an entire chapter to symbolize the sand turtle as the Joads. The sand turtle attempts to cross the road in chapter three. The turtle slowly crosses the highway, attempting to reach his goal, the other side, to find a new place. As the turtle crosses, it faces obstacles. Such as passing cars and even starting off in the first place. It slowly but surely crosses the road, and eventually reaches his goal. This is just like the Joads predicament. The Joads are in need of a new place to go. A new home, due to the failing crops and the corrupt greedy banks. They head out on a long and vigorous journey, but even starting it was hard. Grampa joad threw a fit about leaving. He told Papa Joad, " I tell ya I ain 't goin ', an ' ya can lump it." So they had to slip him cough medicine in order to get him to go. This prolonged the trip and was an obstacle to overcome. The trip itself was difficult. There were many times where they were hungry, desperate, and out of faith. But, they kept pushing on. Just like the sand turtle, the Joads were tough, and would not be held from their ultimate goal. Another one of Steinback 's metaphors was the banks.

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