The Grapes Of Wrath By John Steinbeck

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The Grapes Of Wrath introduces many real life topics, and difficulties relevant to the people in the 1930s and some still relevant to today. Throughout the book topics like migration, corporate profit, and even environmental impacts of human choices are all present in the book. Steinbeck is shown to makes many claims about each of these topics, but the topic that stands out the most are the issues with the criminal justice system. Steinbeck believes that the police and the criminal justice system are corrupt and generally police have a tendency to abuse their authority against poor people and migrants. Through the characters in the book, Steinbeck shows how he feels about police misconduct towards those living in poverty. Steinbeck uses his characters not just as entertainment for his readers, but as symbols so people are aware and conscious of what 's really going on not just in the book but in the country they live in. He uses many examples in the book to show how cruel the police can be. One example of this is on p.292 a woman is accidently shot in her hand, as the officer who shot her fell to the floor and tripped Tom took his gun and said: “Fella like that ain 't got no right to a gun.” It 's clear that the officer wasn’t considering the fact that no one was armed but him and didn’t show any remorse for the women mistakenly shot. Through this incident, Steinbeck is showing the abuse of authority and power against poor migrants who have little to nothing. He believes
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