The Grapes Of Wrath By John Steinbeck

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The “Grapes of Wrath” a story written by John Steinbeck tells of the woes that surround the great “Dust Bowl” that took place in our country during the 1930s. After already being hit by the Great Depression, the bread basket of our nation sinks even further as they soon delve into an economic disaster. Within this novel, Steinbeck opens a window for readers into the lives of the people who suffered to survive tis catastrophe; while also bringing up many social, economic, and political issues surrounding it in symbolic ways. The book itself is centered around the journey of a singular family, but is representative of the horrifying journey thousands of people dealt with at the time. Amid the narrative story, Steinbeck gives readers a more…show more content…
As high-wind storms went through the land, which is common in the area, the soil that was left had nothing to hold on to, and thus it blew everywhere. Tenants could no longer farm, many of them were even trapped in their homes much of the time due to the high amount of dust. Thus, to this disaster, tenants were kicked of their land with nowhere to go. Starving and left without options these people looked towards the westward direction, to a land called California, where they were told there was work. Thousands of people packed up their families and whatever small amounts of personal possessions hey could carry and began the westward journey. Thus, began the nation’s second great migration westward. The Dust Bowel began because man tried to play God. The need for land and profit outweighed the need to care for the world we live in; when once farmers lived on small parcels of land, cultivated it, cared for it, and took pride in it, now became a means to make money at all costs. Man, pushed against nature and nature fought back with vengeance. Because of this disaster and the devastation, it caused one would think man would recognize it and prevent it from happening again. Sadly, this appears to not be the case. Today, man is still pushing against nature like never before. Manufacturing pollutes our air, ships, fuel, waste, and more pollute our waters, forests are cut down, land has continued to be

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