The Grapes Of Wrath By John Steinbeck

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The Grapes of Wrath by John Steinbeck depicts the story of the fictional Joad family on their journey from Dust Bowl-plagued Oklahoma to California in search of work as well as the struggles they encounter along the way. The Dust Bowl in Oklahoma displaced many families, and these so called “Okies”faced discrimination and, in some cases, illegal mistreatment by landowners and even by government agencies such as the police. Due to the failure of federal, state, and local governments to adequately address both the repercussions of the Great Depression and the Dust Bowl natural disaster, victims of these tragedies were forced to help one another in order to survive.
The onset of the Dust Bowl in 1931 negatively impacted the quality of life
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This very accurately describes how it worked in the Dust Bowl itself, as the banks showed no remorse for the farmers that they were putting out on the streets .Just as the drought destroyed the crops, so did the banks to the farmer 's livelihoods. In the onset of these very bad situations, people cried out to the government for help. As they would soon find out, however, the current administration was not as focused on the plight of the people. Herbert Hoover, the president at the beginning of the Great Depression and the start of the dust bowl, rarely acted upon his talk of creating a solution to the Depression. Hoover saw the lack of regulation of wall street, more specifically the New York Stock Exchange, as the core culprit for the onset of the Great Depression. However, while Hoover threatened to put strict regulation on the NYSE, but left the actual work to the New York governor, Franklin D. Roosevelt (The Museum). In fact, the only great accomplishment Hoover had made during this time frame was the creation of the Hoover dam, which he had changed from the original name of the boulder dam (Starr 292). This shows that Hoover was more concerned with affecting the perception of the US than creating a positive change in the economics of the depression. However, this plan backfired as many people blamed the republican party and Herbert Hoover for the situation the country was in. According to the University of Washington, the
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