The Grapes Of Wrath By John Steinbeck

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The Grapes of Wrath by John Steinbeck depicts the story of the fictional Joad family on their journey from Dust Bowl-plagued Oklahoma to California in search of work as well as the struggles they encounter along the way. The Dust Bowl in Oklahoma displaced many families, and these so called “Okies”faced discrimination and, in some cases, illegal mistreatment by landowners and even by government agencies such as the police. Due to the failure of federal, state, and local governments to adequately address both the repercussions of the Great Depression and the Dust Bowl natural disaster, victims of these tragedies were forced to help one another in order to survive. The onset of the Dust Bowl in 1931 negatively impacted the quality of life for nearly everyone if the affected area. Fertile farm lands were destroyed by drought and farmers were left with little means to support themselves or repay the loans for their farms. Bank foreclosures led to the loss of homes and the lack of employment opportunities drove families to seek jobs in other areas, such as California. Steinbeck was critical of the banks which displaced farming families and caused the mass exodus. One of the most important parts of the plight of the Joads is their situation leading up to the events of the Dust Bowl and Great Depression. The Joads, like many other, were able to be forced off the land because they were tenant farmers. Similar to a sharecropper, tenant farmers work land that is owned by someone
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