The Grapes Of Wrath: Chapter Summary

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1) At the start of this chapter, Tom attends morning church along with all the other people in the village, including the judge, the mayor, and the Model Boy. The minister reads a hymn then prays a lengthy, detailed prayer, one which Tom was restless throughout, for he resented it, and he was tortured by a fly that was in front of him. As the minister continued to drone on about when a young child would lead a lion and a lamb, Tom quickly lost any interest in the topic and took out the “pinch bug” that was in his box, but it bit Tom, making him fling it onto its back. A poodle came along, eyeing the beetle, before making several careful snatches at it and losing interest. The pinch bug promptly bit the poodle’s nose, making the people in the…show more content…
He attempted to find an illness, but after only finding a loose tooth, started groaning about his toe, waking Sid up. He then proceeded to moan to Sid about how he had been in pain for hours, and then forgave everyone for all they had done to him, and started listing his will, causing Sid to tell Aunt Polly that Tom was dying. Aunt Polly rushed to check on Tom, but realizing that he was faking it, just ended up pulling out his loose tooth, creating a gap that all the other boys were jealous of. On the way to school, Tom talked with the miscreant Huckleberry Finn, trying to trade Huck a dead cat, leading to a discussion of witches and devils and warts. In the end, Tom ended up trading Huck his tooth for a tick, before going to school. The schoolmaster asked Tom why he was late, and Tom answered truthfully that he had talked with Huckleberry Finn, so that he would be able to sit with his angel on the girl’s side of the room. During the class, he tried giving a peach to the girl, but she refused, so he drew a house, a man, and a woman on a slate, which she complimented. She then introduced herself as Becky Thatcher, and he introduced himself, before revealing to her the he loved her, resulting in him being dragged back to his regular seat by the…show more content…
This displays the small population of the area, since most urban churches have multiple speakers, and there are also more churches. The second example is how there is only one schoolhouse that is divided into a boys’ side and a girls’ side. The fact that one town has only one school already points out how small the town is, and the fact that there is only one schoolmaster only emphasizes the fact. The final example of a rural setting is how “Huckleberry was cordially hated and dreaded by all the mothers of the town, because he was idle and lawless and vulgar and bad”, even though he is only a child. This situation in which the greatest fear or criminal in the town is an idle child would only happen in a rural setting, for all urban places have much more dangerous criminals that have committed crimes much worse that just being idle, because of its large
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