Essay about The Grapes Of Wrath: Connections To The Great Depression

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The Grapes of Wrath: Connections to the Great Depression

The decaying state of the American economy and the onset of the Great Depression in the 1930s brought about the necessity for the United States to reconsider its attitudes and examine the long term effects of its policies concerning wide-scale socioeconomic problems that were constantly growing bigger. The Great Depression led to the creation of many new and innovative government policies and programs, along with revisions to older economic systems. However, these cost the government billions of dollars in a country that had consistently been stretching the gap between the rich and poor. This continued as the Great Depression began to change everything people had grown old
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They all favored big business and the wealthy who chose to invest in these companies, not the common man. "Andrew Mellon, Coolidge's Secretary of the Treasury, was the main force behind these and other tax cuts throughout the 1920's. In effect, he was able to lower federal taxes such that a man with a million-dollar annual income had his federal taxes reduced from $600,000 to $200,000" In 1923, the supreme court had even ruled minimum-wage legislation unconstitutional. So, the aftermath of the Great Depression yielded that many middle-class citizens and few of high financial standing lost everything they had. The already monumental lower-class was unceasingly multiplying. Although of course, there was the small number that managed to remain wealthy, but not always through fair and virtuous ways. The Great Depression could indeed be called the "great leveler" because it evened out the financial class system in a way never thought possible, where some of the rich and middle-class had become impoverished and empty-handed after being lowered to essentially the same financial level as everybody else.

This was also an unforeseen time
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