The Grapes Of Wrath: Film Analysis

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Walter does not take Mr. Linders money when he offers it for his family to not move into Clybourne Park because he was thinking about Travis, he was being pressured by his family, and feeling guilty about losing the rest of the money for the bar. When Walter rejected Mr. Lindner's offer for the house he was thinking about his son, Travis, and how he would grow up and think of his daddy. In the book, Travis automatically assumes that Walter is drunk when he is happy about getting the money from mama. Travis asks Walter “What’s the matter, Daddy? You drunk?”(107). After this, Walter assured him that he would not be getting drunk anymore. A little while later, Walter and Travis talk about the business deal he is making. Walter describes to Travis how their life would be better after they get the bar. With this information we can conclude that Walter wants a better life for travis with the bar and the home. Walter was also being pressured by his family. They all wanted a new, larger…show more content…
When he first finds out about the money loss, he is very angry at the fact it was gone because it was his dad's life insurance money. In the book he says, “THAT MONEY IS MADE OUT OF MY FATHER’S FLESH-”(128). In this he is yelling at Bobo about the money. Another quote from the book is, “I seen… him… night after night ... Come in… and look at that rug. And then look at me.. The red showing in his eyes… the veins in his head… I seen him grow thin and old before he was forty.. Working and working and working like somebody’s old house.. Killing himself… and you-- you give it all away in a day”(129). When Mama stated this, it really pained Walter. Seeing his Mama mad and disappointed at him really hurt him and caused him to made up his mind about definitely saying no to Mr.
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