The Gratifying Qualities Of Sophocles ' Antigone

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Shanice Douglas
Ms. Masterson
English Honors II
September 18, 2015

The gratifying qualities of Sophocles tragedians plays, establishes him as one of the most infamous playwrights in Greek history. His refreshingly realistic themes and contradictory characters remain the topic of conversations today. Sophocles’ unorthodox approach of a female character also set him aside from other renowned playwrights. In his play Antigone, audiences are still indecisive on who is the tragic hero; Antigone or Creon. City law versus natural law is the primary issue in Antigone, characters are conflicted with the choice of breaking the law in order to do what is right. The events that occur display Sophocles’s view on human behavior and teaches the audience an important lesson on decision making and the effects of unbridled pride. Creon who is too blinded by his power and pride to look past the surface and seek different solutions, blatantly disregards the needs of his city and family. His impulsive decisions are the elements that contribute to his fall from grace. Antigone’s headstrong personality is admirable, because she breaks Creon’s decree in order to follow her beliefs. Creon deemed Polyneices, Antigone 's brother an unhonorable fighter and retracts his natural right to be buried. Antigone did not fear the consequences when she buried her brother, she stood by her decision because she knows the God’s are the ultimate power. Sophocles play Antigone shows the truth of
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