Essay on The Gravity of Domestic Violence in America

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For generations, the gravity of domestic violence in America has been disregarded and glossed over; perhaps it is because 60 percent of all domestic violence takes place at home. Domestic violence is defined as, the situation in which an intimate partner or someone you live with attacks you and tries to hurt you, often including physical assault, sexual assault, and bullying. “Every year, more than 3 million children witness domestic violence in their homes.” ( Domestic violence at home is altering the psychological state of children, creating a huge impact on their lives and their future.
Other titles we commonly hear describing domestic violence are physical abuse, sexual abuse, emotional abuse, and extortion, but
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Children who see domestic violence at home are more likely than others to experience a variety of difficulties. These difficulties are categorized into three main groups: behavioral and social problems, cognitive and attitudinal problems, and long-term problems.
A child exposed to domestic violence is more likely than a child who is not to develop social drawbacks and demonstrate aggression, and antisocial behavior. Research from Brown and Bzostec in 2003 has proved that these children are more disobedient and can have higher levels of anger and hostility. With no self-control and not being able to express their emotions, children end up having poor relationships with their peers, which quickly deprive their self-esteem.
Domestic violence is capable of taking away from a child's learning ability and memory. The more traumatic experiences a child has, the more forgetful they tend to be. This has a huge effect on a child's performance throughout school, with common speech impediments and a large deficit of problem solving skills and conflict resolution. When grades start to drop, children are placed in lower-level classes that lack preparation for a successful career.
Long-term problems are inevitable with young children who witness domestic violence inside their homes on a day to day basis. Most people who witness domestic violence as children see it as adults; males are likely to engage in domestic violence, while females are likely to become victims. With this

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