The Greasers : A Hero As A Hero

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Greasers should all be considered hero’s, well every society needs a “hero” to protect and help them. There are many definitions for a hero everybody has their own definitions but mine is: “A hero is someone who helps those in need and does not expect people to applaud or reward them for it”. A Greaser will always be a Greaser their convention is different from the Soc’s; they stick together, they support each other in hard times and they help each other; Dallas Winston(Dally), Ponyboy Curtis and Johnny Cade are the three main Greasers and three unlikely heroes in the novel. They achieved this state by saving people's’ lives, help those in need, showing care and standing up for each other. These three greasers put their life’s in front of others to save people in different ways. Dally always puts the safety of his friends before him. He helped Johnny and Ponyboy hide after killing Bob. Dally is a “tuff” guy, but he also has a nice side. He provided Johnny and Ponyboy; a gun (heater), fifty dollars and directions to an old church in Windrixville till it all blew over. “Hop the three-fifteen freight to Windrixville”. “There’s an old abandoned church on top of Joy Mountain” (page 74). This shows that he cares for them and their safety. Before all this occurred he gave Johnny and Ponyboy a gun, he expected there could be more killing and if someone was shot dead by the gun that night; the blame would also go on Dally for providing them with a gun which was then used to kill

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