The Greasy Lake And Life After High School

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In both “Greasy Lake” and “Life After High School” the protagonists are both subjected to external conflict that forever changes their course in life. With so much emphasis on the differences between individuals these days, it is imperative that people recognize this powerful commonality between the spectrum of humanity. Two completely different people living completely different lives are somehow still directly linked through the intrinsic nature of life. Even though the narrator from “Greasy Lake”, Joe as he will be called from simplicity sake and Sunny from “Life After High School” are separated by gender and culture, both share the commonality of a metamorphosis as the direct result of an external conflict. Regardless of the shape or appearance of this metamorphosis, I purpose that both Joe and Sunny are of the same element that only differ in structure and appearance due to the differences in both the stimuli and base parameters in their life.
In this case, Sunny and joe’s base parameters or starting points differ quite a bit. Joe is a greaser working on meeting the criteria and trying to live up to the name. He had the look and behavior down pat, wearing “torn up leather jackets,” and “striking elaborate poses” to show people he doesn’t give a damn. Yet, he is still largely an innocent adolescent just trying to find his way in the world. Sunny on the other hand was a cheerleader and the light that her name implies. When the quarterback “Chuck Crueller” was taken off

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