The Great American Cigarette

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The cigarette is one of the biggest causes of death on the planet ranging from it many diseases that it causes to the effects that it psychotically a person. With smoking being dangerous by it secondhand smoke and peer pressure succumb to people’s minds and thoughts to go and do these awful things. The Cigarette is looks simple but in reality it is engineered piece of death according to Hyde who says” A cigarette looks simple: just a paper wrapped around some tobacco, but todays cigarettes is a very carefully engineered nicotine delivery system”(Hyde 17). Also the cigarette holds” Cigarette smoke contains over seven thousand chemicals, sixty-nine of which causes cancer” (Smoking ). some may ask themselves if something so ridiculous and…show more content…
In some cases, a kid’s fate was sealed with the first cigarette”(Hyde 8). Pregnancy and smoking is probably one of the worst things someone could ever do your hurting a child with your bad habits” Smoking causes twenty to thirty- percent of infant deaths and low birth babies”(Smoking). Also being pregnant gives a higher chance of miscarriages, stillbirths, increased birth defects, and infants born with lung failure all increase exponentially (Bakdash 1). Do we as human beings want this to continue maybe a child who was destined to cure cancer or be one of our next great president died because of this should we as a people outlaw this or keep it to satisfy the people who cannot stop. Many people have heard the phrase “Giving up smoking is easiest thing in the world. I know I’ve done it a thousand of times. This quote and variations of it are often wrongly attributed to Mark Twain”(Hyde 96). this is completely wrong it is very hard to stop it takes months even years to get over an addiction of nicotine. The benefits of quitting smoking are tremendous “carbon monoxide levels drop down to a normal level in just eight hours, your blood pressure drops down to normal just after twenty minutes, after twenty-four hours your chances of heart attacks decrease exponentially”(Hyde 106-107). quitting smoking could be one of the most satisfying things on earth for some people but they would have never gotten themselves into
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