The Great Apostle Paul and the Law Essay

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The Great Apostle Paul and The Law Who is this Apostle Paul and why is he so important in the way we refer to the Law? The discovery of who Paul is seems to strike most new believers as surprising and refreshing. Giving them the ability to dig into part of the Bible’s past. Conclusions to these findings make the words of God comprehendible. Thus, the problem is not that there is something wrong with the Law; rather, what Paul criticizes is the wrong attitude toward the Law. (Koperski) Paul’s past is full of dark, sorrowful moments that evolve into a story of light, hope, and structure. The presence of the Lord helps Paul become one of the most known writers in the New Testament, the Holy Bible. His greatest contribution consists…show more content…
John Drane makes an intriguing statement in his book Paul: Libertine or Legalist. He mentions that Paul’s writings weren’t written with the intentions of being read. Does this explain why Paul’s words are perplexing? (Drane) Galatians is a letter to the churches of Galatia. Purpose of the letter is to warn churches of deceptive teachers. It was also to argue that Gentile Christians did not have to take part in the Jewish Law. (Kuula) Paul wrote to remind them of the message of salvation. How to live in a way that follows the Lord and the Lord only. In attempts to understand his justification of the Law, it is important to identify the urgency of the letter. Judaizers were in constant movement to have Galatians repent against Paul. Paul’s battle was primarily with Judaizers and their attempts to pull Galatians from the ways of the Law and the Lord. They accused him of “watering down” his gospel in order to please a specific audience. According to Colin G. Kruse, he needed to prove both his independence and validity. Without the following of Galatians, how was he to teach the Law? (Kruse) Throughout the book of Galatians, Paul referees to circumcision on many occasions. The term of circumcision is not always to be taken literally. In the Jewish community, circumcision is a physical act of removing the foreskin around the penis. In accordance to the New Testament, it is “the feast of Circumcision of Chris”. (Oxford) This

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