The Great Awakening By Jonathan Edwards And George Whitefield Essay

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Jonathan Edwards and George Whitefield had an indirect impact on the American Revolution due the Great Awakening. The Great Awakening was a revival of a person’s personal spirituality sparked by Whitefield and Edwards; which de-emphasized the church. The revolution preached similar messages regarding criticism and tensions of authority. Without these two men, the American Revolution would not have happened as early as it did, if it all.
George Whitefield and Jonathan Edwards were both two extreme zealous preachers and very different from each other but had a similar message. George Whitefield was an English Minster, evangelist, and preacher. Whitefield’s purpose was to encourage people to repent their sins and transmute their sinful ways and become preserved to Christ. As for Jonathan Edwards he was a Puritan, preacher and philosopher. Edwards’ concept was to fixate on the experience in religion; he wanted people to understand the distinction between what Edward called a 'merely notional understanding ' of something and 'being in some way inclined ' with reverence. He wanted people to understand the nature and experience of religion. Both Whitefield and Edwards were important figures in Christianity; they could also be seen as entertainers of that time.
Called the “Son of Thunder”, George Whitefield’s released his powerful voice to spread his message. He constructed messages which revolved around the concept that humankind could never know or reach God because of original
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