The Great Beer Abandonment : America 's Young Drinkers

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“The great beer abandonment: America’s young drinkers are drinking wine and hard alcohol instead”. In recent years, many young adults’ ages 18-29 years old are not drinking as much beer as the same age group twenty years ago. In 1992 over seventy percent of this age said that beer was their beverage of choice. That number has now drop to forty percent. The percentage of hard alcohol preference has risen from thirteen percent to thirty percent. While wine preference has also increased from fifteen percent to twenty three percent. Young adult are not the only one whose preference has changed. The United States, has been drinking less and less beer for the past decade. Nationwide, beer consumption fell by nearly 9 percent between 2002 and 2012. Majority of decline is due to the preference of young drinker. People ages 30-49 only decline about three percent, while people ages 50 plus have remain the same. It is odd to see a decline in beer with the emergence of craft beer. For years it has gaining market share but many believe that it has hit its peak. "While we 're not there yet, we 're definitely approaching bubble territory," said Spiros Malandrakis, Alcoholic Drinks Analyst at Euromonitor International. What could be the reason for the decline?
There are no exact reason for why the popularity of beer has fallen. Experts suggest the rise of health narratives may be the cause. People are now more concern about their calorie intake making beer not the beverage…
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