The Great Benefits Of E Commerce

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E-commerce has become most preferred and most convenient way of doing business in the 21st century. The popularity of e-commerce has gone viral in the last couple of decades and everyone thinks of nothing else besides e-commerce. Buying and selling goods and services online have, indeed, revolutionized commerce and the way of doing business. The great benefits of e-commerce have come with lots of security challenges, especially security that pertains personal information. E-commerce exhibits one of the major security concerns to the customers through their daily transactions of purchases and payments to the same. Currently, security and privacy and security are a key concern for most electronic technologies. Essentially, applications of web e-commerce that handle payments as electronic transactions and online banking or using credit cards, debit cards and PayPal among others are more susceptible to high risks of security concerns. Further, customers are exposed to Trojan horse programs, which can subvert or bypass the basic authorization and authentication mechanisms that are employed in the transactions of e-commerce. Impersonation and identity theft are other security issues with e-commerce that should concern both e-commerce providers and clients. The increased popularity of e-commerce and online business, and payment transaction has led to the emergence of security concerns, especially those that are concerned with personal information, and which require well designed
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