The Great Black Heroes Of Harriet Tubman

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It goes without saying that all African Americans are expected to know the stories of the great Black heroes who assisted in the fight for equality of Blacks in America. These agents of change include Martin Luther King, Rosa Parks, Malcom X, and Harriet Tubman. These are probably the most celebrated black leaders of all time. But after hearing the story of Harriet Tubman for what seems like thousandth time an epiphany occurred, and I realized that I too, could be Harriet. It started with a story told by an impactful person. This narrative was about a young gang banger named Ara. Who essentially left the ruthless gang she was born into, just to join another ‘not so mean’ gang. Even after that, she decided to stay in this gang and assist people in escaping the other brutal gang. After I heard this story I was a little skeptical about where the rest of the lecture was going, but then the truth was revealed. Ara stands for Araminta Ross and this incredible woman is Harriet Tubman. Telling the story of Harriet in this way automatically altered my way of thinking because it made her relatable to what is going on in current society. After correlating the story of Ara to Harriet an essential question was asked. “Why did Harriet risk her life numerous times to free other slaves once she was free? This is not the first time I’ve pondered this question. I previously believed that she went back to disrupt the system of slavery and to collect her friends and family. I thought that
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