The Great British Heroes : Churchill

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Churchill finds his name among many great British heroes throughout history who are known for saving their country in times great of crisis. In almost a biblical fashion, Churchill is remembered for being one of the champions of WWII and an icon of British history. One may find it surprising, but this famous Brit was only half British. Sir Winston Leonard Spencer-Churchill was born on November 30th, 1874 at the Blenheim Palace, an estate owned by Churchill’s family. Churchill was born into an aristocratic wealthy family, the Dukes of Marlborough, known for their high reaching wealth and status. Churchill’s father was British Politician and his mother was the daughter of the American millionaire, Leonard Jerome. At an early age Churchill…show more content…
Rather than focus the famous British Naval Force on a possible German invasion, Churchill believed that a new naval campaign, 1,000 miles East, could win the war. He proposed, and the cabinet approved, a plan to capture the port city of Constantinople: the city was a key strategic point along the Eastern Front and whoever controlled it ultimately had the upper hand in the region. Only through Constantinople could Russia import the resources it needed to survive, along with this Churchill believed that if the British and French forces seized control of the city, then the Ottoman Empire would collapse which would persuade neutral states in the region to join the Allies. The infamous mission to achieve this plan was called “The Gallipoli Campaign,” and became known as one of Churchill’s gravest errors. The issues surrounding the campaign immediately arose when the British Military initially refused to send as many troops to the region as Churchill proposed. However, with great hubris, the young war strategist continued with the assault believing his plan would work even with the lack of troops. The next disadvantage that the Allies faced was poor weather accompanied by undetected mines surrounding the Gallipoli Peninsula, two crucial factors which weren’t

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