The Great Carrie Flintom

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Carrie Flintom is nothing short of inspiring. She is a woman that wears many hats, and is dedicated to empowering woman all over the nation. Her eagerness to help me, a complete stranger, speaks volumes to her character. She showed a genuine interest in my success, and had no reservations opening up to me. In turn, I was able to gain tremendous insight into her world as an inspirational speaker.
Her journey began in her senior year of college, when her life inadvertently shifted. She left school to become a wife, mother and an overseer of her husband’s dental office. For years, all seemed well on the outside, but privately Carrie was enduring abuse from her husband. At the age of 36, now a mother of 3, she made the crucial decision to leave, never to turn back. Her courage to step out of an abusive relationship, and pursue a life of the unknown, proved to be a pivotal moment. In the beginning, she shared feelings of fear and adrift. However, through the process of reading an exponential amount of self- help books, she regained her strength. She fell in love with everything that she was learning and began to transform into a woman with purpose. This magnetically, attracted the attention of her peers, seeking insight to her transformation. For Carrie, this ignited the inspiration to help other woman, a process she refers to as the “Domino effect”. She realized that she could support and empower other women just like herself, and unbeknownst to her this was only the
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