The Great City Of Detroit

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Everyone knows Detroit has its fair share of issues. Including abandoned homes, snow removal unsightly lawns and vacant lots, crime, bad roads, old plumbing nonworking street lights and many other problems. It is time to come together Detroit was once a beautiful city and can be once more the architectural dream in the early 19th century. The craftsmanship has declined the hand carved wood trim, stained glass windows and many other antiquates that made Detroit the great motor city and one if the paramount cities in the world. A place that holds a lot of history, fine arts, good food and, riverfront views, also some of the most beautiful theaters in the United States. Although the great city of Detroit cannot be brought back overnight the communities can contribute to the restoration of the city by buying into their communities. Buying into a community would require homeowners and renters who wish to become potential homeowners to pay a monthly fee with a reduced amount toward the purchase of their home. The fee would cover some amenities such as lawn maintenance, snow removal, and working street lights, the removal of blight. Citizens would be allowed to participate in decisions concerning any new developments, or prospects coming into the community, such as creating community gardens similar to the one created by Dan Muth, co-coordinator of the Bangor Community Garden, who states “They create great learning environments for gardeners or people who haven’t done
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