The Great Communicator By Ronald Reagan

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As stated in an article from Newsmakers, Ronald Reagan was known as “the Great Communicator” because he was able to clearly speak to the public due to his unusual experiences before presidency (Newsmakers). Every president of the United States has a unique story, but Reagan possessed many remarkable characteristics. Today, many people recognize Reagan as a former president, but few know about the struggles he faced and his success before presidency; his political party transition, handling economic fluctuation, and his attitude throughout his terms in office made him an unforgettable political figure. Reagan was born in Tampico, Illinois and grew up in Dixon, Illinois. Dixon is a typical small town in the midwest. Unlike many other presidents, Reagan had a rough upbringing. According to a book titled Up Close: Ronald Reagan, his father Jack was an alcoholic. At 11 years old, Reagan witnessed his father passed out on the porch one evening after returning from the YMCA. He had to drag his father into the house and put him in bed. Jack was constantly fighting alcoholism for most of his life causing him to struggle at work, fight with his family members, and disappear from home. Reagan’s mother, Nelle, continued telling him and his older brother, Neil, that their father was addicted to alcohol and he could not control it. Nelle even sent Ronald and Neil to live with relatives when Jack’s alcohol addiction worsened. Reagan explained that he enjoyed his childhood, but others
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