The Great Communicator : Ronald Reagan

1300 Words6 Pages Raduege 12/18/15 Period 5 Mrs. Dowling The Great Communicator The year is 1980. America is in a slump. Unemployment rate is at an all-time high, families and the economy are still recovering from the Vietnam War, and are suffering from the failure of the presidency of Jimmy Carter. The U.S. economy is in the worst state it has been in since the Great Depression - inflation is at 13.5 percent, unemployment is at 9.5 percent and the federal discount rate is at 14 percent. But after 8 years, Ronald Reagan will turn the country inside out, and make the world a better place to live in. Considered the best president of his century, Ronald Reagan is the most influential man of the 1980’s…show more content…
Reagan brought new techniques of leading and communicating with the American people that no one has ever seen before. Through these techniques, he won the presidential race of 1980 in a landslide, beating former president Jimmy Carter 489 to 49. This was the first time in 28 years that the Republican party was in charge of the Senate. This would mark the beginning of a legacy, known as the Reagan Era. President Reagan wasn’t just focused on establishing a better American life, but also, benefitting those around the world. There was no doubt that the most controversial and dangerous branch of people in the world was the Soviet Union. Coming to fame after World War II, the USSR was a state that ruled with communism and tyranny, and was a threat to the United States. Reagan wanted to end this association as quickly as he could. Known as the greatest achievement of his career, President Reagan ended the Cold War, and brought an end to communism. Reagan’s economic system, known as Reaganomics, is what is credited for abolishing communism. Under communism, no one can have an increase in their wages. This means that everybody is the same; no one is rich and no one is poor. But under Reaganomics, people had more money to spend, thus boosting economy. Reagan took this extra “boosted” money, and funded national defense. The Soviet Union couldn’t keep up to this funding, because their economic state stayed the same, due to everybody’s equality. The Soviet Union
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