The Great Conroversy of the Nazca Lines

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Without a doubt the architecture and the grandeur of Pumapunku is awe-inspiring, but just because something might not be easily explained at first glance does not mean that an explanation does not exist, buried in the history. Meanwhile nearly 500 miles to the Northeast of Tiwanaku lays another site of great controversy and is what many ancient alien theorists call the extraterrestrial airport. Located deep in the Nazca Dessert in southern Peru lies one of the most identifiable archeological sites when it comes to evidence for aliens being among in the past; the Nazca Lines. Ever since they became known in the 1920s, when a commercial airplane flew over the dessert, these mysterious encryptions have puzzled scientists from anthropology to archeology, and just about anyone else fascinated by the lines and just what they mean or how they got there. Since they were discovered scientists have tried to explain them as roads, an ancient calendar system, and landing places for alien space ships. Leading alien theorist Erich Von Daniken theorizes in his book Chariots of the Gods? that the complexity and interworking’s of the glyphs were beyond the capability of the Nazca culture and that their sole purpose was to act as landing strips and that the shapes of animals were used as reference points. Although it might be easy for some people to accept these theories as the only plausible explanation, because what else could the Nazca Lines be. However, just because something is not

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