The Great Debaters

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“The Great Debaters”

The Credits:
This motion film is called “The Great Debaters.” The movie which was released in 2007 is based on a true story but does not trumpet that fact in an opening caption, takes place on the campus of Wiley College during 1935. The movie is Directed by Denzel Washington and Produced by
Todd Black, Kate Forte, Oprah Winfrey and Joe Roth. This film was inspired by the American Legacy article by Tony Scherman. Molly Allen Co-Produced the movies and the Executive Producers are Bob Weinstein, Harvey Weinstein and David Crockett. Philippe Rousselot, afc/asc is the Director of Photography and David J. Bomba is the Production Designer. The movie was Edited by Hughes Winborne, a.c.e. The Cast of this film Denzel
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Neither of those faults plagues The Great Debaters. By highlighting themes of individual achievement against a daunting backdrop, this film provides heroes who can be admired irrespective of their race, even though skin color is a huge part of the story. More significantly, it does not shy from showing the darkest aspects of human nature. A scene in The Great Debaters is designed to shock and horrify, and it succeeds in doing so. But it is in no way exploitative; it is necessary to the understanding of the characters and their motivations, and to coming to grips with elements of the social fabric that are too often softened for mass consumption. The film makes it evident that racism can be more ghastly than calling someone degrading names. Denzel Washington His initial goals are modest: face-off against other black colleges. But when the team goes on an undefeated run that includes toppling one of the best black debating teams in the country, he sets his sights higher and challenges National Champion Harvard. If Harvard agrees to the contest, it will be the first time the debating team from a black college will face off against a National Champion. The Great Debaters does an excellent job forming a bond between the characters and the audience.
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