The Great Debaters: The Wiley College Debate Team Essay

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Introduction Conflict is inevitable in any personal relationship or among members of any group. While we encounter many types of conflict in our lifetime, we often look for ways to avoid conflict. So, why do we run away from dealing with our conflict? It is often because many of us fear the conflict will escalate into a situation we will not be able to sustain. “As conflicts escalate, they go through certain incremental transformations. Although these transformations occur separately on each side, they affect the conflict as a whole because they are usually mirrored by the other side. As a result of these transformations, the conflict is intensified in ways that are sometimes exceedingly difficult to undo” (Pruitt, and Kim 89). We…show more content…
has not yet learned how to truly harness the power of knowledge through action and assertion. James Jr. has seen the raving effects of racism all around him, and longs to live in a future where no one must be in fear simply because of the color of their skin. Other talented debaters on Tolson's team include fiercely independent student Henry Lowe, and Samantha Brooke -- the first ever female ever to join the Wiley College debate team. While most educators may not have recognized the remarkable potential of assembling such a disparate team, Tolson's unique vision truly set him apart from the pack as the team begins to experience a series of consecutive victories on their road to challenging Harvard at the National Championships” (Buchanan). Event One of the challenges the Wiley College debate team was faced with in the film was during a debate against Oklahoma City University. The topic selected for argument was whether Negroes should be admitted into the same colleges as Whites. This particular subject is one the students at Wiley College were all too familiar with. The setting of the debate would begin the escalation of the conflict between the two schools. The intensity of the conflict began when Oklahoma City University refused to hold the debate on campus and would only accept the challenge to go up against Wiley College if the competition was held at another location. In a clip provided by YouTube the arguments begin with Samantha
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