The Great Depression : A Unique Insight Into One Of The Most Difficult Times

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The Photogrammar project provides a unique insight into one of the most difficult times in American history, the Great Depression. The project helps to show the that the Great Depression truly encompassed all of America. In nearly every county on the map one can find a “Hooverville” or other examples of poverty. It is simple to navigate to a county on the map and go through all the photos associated with it. From a particular photo the user can then go to the photographers own profile, and see all the photo’s he or she took. There is no ability to see the find the photos with big impact, like Dorothea Lange 's Migrant Mother, you must do the digging yourself. The “lab” option on the toolbar brings one to a set of features that allow the user to refine their search in interesting ways. I found the treemap feature to be particularly useful. It separates the categories of images into blocks proportional to the number of images under the category. Once you click on the category you are brought to a collection of finer subcategories. Narrowing my search down to homes and living conditions, I found that there was over 1000 photos of temporary housing. Going further, I discovered a number of unsettling photos depicting African-American sharecropping families that were evicted at gunpoint. Also within this temporary home category were temporary mobile homes setup by the FSA. This feature allowed me to explore the diverse range of the photographers works with ease. The first

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