The Great Depression And Dust Bowl

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In the decades leading up to the 1920s, industry in America boomed. Not only were monopolies created but mass production of many goods was the source of an economic boom. During the 1920s the economic boom led to some of the best times in history. However, later in the decade, devastation came in the form of the Great Depression and Dust Bowl. These two factors left a sour taste in the mouthes of Americans as they moved into the thirties. The drastic difference between the economic high and low of the 1920s are due to a combination of the economic boom at the beginning of the decade and the Great Depression at the end, with numerous factors in between these two bookend events. During the best of the decade there was economic boom, the Harlem Renaissance, improved women 's rights, and the ending of the captains of industry era. On the other hand, there was the Great Depression, Dust Bowl, and Prohibition which were viewed very negatively due to the intense effect they had on the entire country. The decades leading up to the 1920s set the ground work for a lot of the best parts of the '20s, specifically the economic boom. Starting with the creation of monopolies by the likes of Rockefeller, Carnegie, Morgan, and numerous others. During this time there was weak presidential power and thus a laissez-faire policy in office. This allowed for all of the monopolies to boom as there were no regulations set on them. The use of vertical integration was one of the main…

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