The Great Depression And The Dust Bowl

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The New Deal
In the year following the Roaring 20s, the United States had a major economic crisis along with the Dust Bowl that affected many of the american people, but if Franklin D. Roosevelt had not saved the economy with the New Deal, the economy would have never truly recovered.
The Great Depression and The Dust Bowl
The Great Depression was the longest economic recession in the history of the United States. The recession started in the summer of 1929 when stock prices began to rise and also when there was a maldistribution of wealth. Consumers were receiving too little money to spend to keep up with the pace of the growing markets. There were also many other issues that also contributed to the Great Depression, there was a lack of
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These massive dust storms choked livestock and drove up to 60% of the population out of the region.
Many of american families that were affected by the dust storms moved out to the west to find jobs and better living conditions. A lot of people didn’t survive the trip to the west. When these hopeful families arrived to California to get a job they were told there weren’t any. Okies became a popular term during this period. Okies were agricultural migrants from Oklahoma, that were traveling from farm to farm picking fruit and other crops at starvation wages. Not only were these people looking for jobs but this later became a nationwide problem.
Also during this Dust Bowl and Great Depression period there was a rise of literature that portrayed how americans were living and dealing with these conditions. One of the most famous writers during this time period was John Steinbeck. John Steinbeck wrote novels of migrant workers. His most famous piece of writing was The Grapes of Wrath, this novel offered a harsh portrait of exploitive features of agrarian life in the west, but it also paid a tribute to the endurance of his main characters, and to the spirit of community they represent.
The Great Depression and the Dust Bowl was a very harsh time for many americans around the country but if it wasn’t for Franklin Delano Roosevelt these hardships would’ve lasted much longer and affected the

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