The Great Depression And The People Of The 1970 ' S

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In today’s day and age when people think of country music they imagine the classics, Johnny Cash, Willie Nelson, George Strait and many more. When people think of a redneck, they imagine a diehard country boy, who loves his country with a confederate flag in one hand and a beer in the other. But that is our generations take on these two words. The real question here is what did those two words mean to the people who came up with them and defined them. It couldn’t have been easy. It was no surprise that people were still recovering from the Great Depression and the more recent recession. Families were left destitute, men were working factory jobs for less than minimum wage, if that, and people had just about given up hope. In the time of…show more content…
This was huge for individuals considering people were being grouped together under general labels, such as “white trash”, “hillbilly” and “redneck”. Not only were they being grouped, it was being publicized on talk shows, through music, books, movies, news outlets and many more forms of media. What the upper-class people failed to see when they were stereotyping was, “While these labels developed in different contexts and are sometimes used in different ways, they have evolved into virtually synonymous labels demarcating a problematic whiteness polluted by poverty and rural culture” (Southern Rock Musicians: Construction of White Trash Pg.207). Middle and upper class men and women felt the need to put poor, white families down to make themselves seem that much higher up, but in reality it was an out for taking responsibility for patriarchy. If anything these titles the poor, white men were given were just a way to define inequalities and social problems that society wanted to make apparent to hide from their own personal problems. When America today sees a Confederate Flag being flown or displayed, there is usually a controversy that occurs. People in todays society still believe that it is a symbol of racism and just inappropriate to be flying considering our country’s history. Obviously not much has changed since the 1970’s. People back then believed it was racial bigotry and a symbol of uneducated white trash. To an extent this
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