The Great Depression And The Roaring Twenties

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The 1920s, also known as the Post War Era or the Roaring Twenties, is best known for being relaxed and carefree. The idea of economic stability and individual growth became more powerful following World War I. This decade proved to be one of the most exciting times for America. So what caused the 1930’s to differ so much from the 1920s? The Great Depression ultimately destroyed everything the 1920s had achieved, leaving behind a trail of anguish and uncertainty for years to come. Following the First World War, Industries began to mass-produce their products at an increasing rate. Employment was thriving because of supply and demand and Americans were able to purchase products that they could never afford prior to the war. For example, the automobile became affordable to over thirty million Americans compared to the ten million prior to the war. This affordability was partly due to an increase in wages post war; however the availability of consumer credit became alarmingly available allowing many to purchase products they could not really afford. Several inventions were created during this time including, washing machines, refrigerators, vacuums and radios which made home life easier and thus, highly desirable. Even though wages had increased, the desire for the newest products and the sudden interest in buying stocks left several families with little left over to provide for things they actually needed in order to survive. During the 1920’s, not only did the economy
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